The Punch and Judy Club

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Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people

By John Walker (adapted from Poplett's presentation)

While Brighton became a well-known location for Deaf lesbian and gays from all over Britain to stay for short breaks. Some were drawn to live in the town. The Punch & Judy Club was set up by Deaf gay man, David Moller, who was living in Eastbourne at the time; he was also the founder of Brothers and Sisters Club in London.

The Club first met in upstairs room of Bulldog Tavern, St James Street, in April 1992. They meet on third Saturdays of the month to cater for Deaf lesbian and gay locals and weekend trippers from London.

Punch & Judy Club hosted the National Deaf lesbian and gay club meeting at Sussex AIDS Centre in Brighton in 1994. Punch & Judy Club was disbanded in 1995 as too few people volunteered to serve the Committee. Deaf lesbians and gays still met informally at the Bulldog tavern and the night club, Revenge. 

Local Deaf LGBT people now involved in Deaf community in Brighton & Sussex. But Brighton Deaf Club “banned” Deaf lesbians and gays in 2000. Some Deaf members petitioned for Deaf lesbians and gays to be banned after a particular Deaf Club event were peopled by Deaf lesbians and gays during the Pride weekend in 2000.

Only after the Sussex Deaf Association adopted an equal opportunities policy several years later, the Deaf Club was open to Deaf LGBT people. Still, Deaf LGBT people refuse to go as the old attitudes remain there.

Deaf LGBT professionals work in Brighton as welfare and community workers, career advisors, education personnel and sign language teachers.

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