Review of Our Space Meetings

The Story So Far; John Walker; 22nd September 2009 (15 people)

By John Walker

John Walker, Lead for the Our Space project.

The review of this project can be found in the attachment below.

There are several learning points that can be drawn out from the Our Space meetings, where the community has met as a community of practice (CoP).

Action Research

Everytime we meet [as a CoP], it contributes to a process of learning and our actions is research in itself, or a continued cycle of listening/understanding/doing.

Positive Action

It is up to us [the Deaf community] to make a difference. There is a constant struggle to make the Deaf experience clear to Others (non-Deaf people). How do we make our message clear to those who do not understand what it means to be Deaf?

Deaf History

We are losing our history today. Written documents are being chucked in the bin without realising its value and our BSL narratives are left unrecorded. It will not be possible to look back onto the past, or even today, and remember we were here.

Deaf Arts

Deaf Arts is an important medium to make, what is difficult to understand, clear. Non-Deaf people may not be able to understand Deaf lives but they can understand sculpture, painting, dance, theatre; they could be a means to express ourselves.

Deaf Health

Being Deaf is bad for your health! The increase in mainstreaming services has led to Deaf people feeling disenfranchised.

There needs to be a balance between community-based interventions by Deaf people and access to mainstream services. These solutions should be led by Deaf people themselves as role models, language models and activists.

Theorising the Deaf space

The diagram attached below describes the relationship between the reminiscence, the development of identity, spaces for the Deaf culture and community to exist.

Our Space: The story so far?
Our Space: The story so far? (2413k)
Presented by John Walker

Reminiscence, identity and community
Reminiscence, identity and community (56k)
By Josh Cameron

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