How Our Education Affected Us? By John Walker

The impact of their education on their lives today.

Chris, Ovingdean was a holiday camp

Lulu's reflections about her time at school

Transcript for 'Chris, Ovingdean was a holiday camp':

CW - For me, retrospectively, Ovingdean Hall was a holiday home. I believe we were well looked after and we were kept together as a family but we were not looked after academically. We were not prepared for the future. Even the thought of a 'career' didn't even enter the equation. They taught us about how to 'cope' in the hearing world, about survival. In theory, once you have achieved that, it is up to you to chose an academic path when you have left school.

Transcript for 'Lulu's reflections about her time at school':

LF - I feel that my peers, compared to where I am today, have not achieved their potential. They have followed the oral approach and adopted that way of life - as some might say, they have become 'brainwashed'. They were the pupils that 'passed' oralism, whereas I had 'failed'. I know neither of us truly 'passed or failed' oralism. But if you look at this from another perspective, I have embarked on an incredible journey of discovery, absorbing both languages, BSL and English; and my confidence grew with time. 

In a way, I have become an odd one out compared to my peers. They have remained the same as they were, when they left school. It is an isolated, mundane existence. 

There are a few others in each year, who have achieved much by following their journey to further education, such as Derby College. But there are many other so-called 'successes' who are having a hard time with their written English. They may be able to use their voice and be understood, but their language skills are fairly poor. They are not confident with their language and it restricts them. 

Maybe a few of them did achieve in their own way but I found my way to access the world using sign language.

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