Looking Back By John Walker

In reflection, what the children thought of their education compared to where they are today.

Robert's reflections on signing

Transcript for 'Robert's reflections on signing':

RC - A friend of mine, who is deaf, has two children. Both of the children, luckily for him, are both deaf. I realised that both of the children went to Hamilton Lodge, my old school. But looking at them today, they are both extremely fluent [in BSL] because they had access to the language earlier in the lives. I wonder about why I had learnt the language so late in my formative years. The teachers today are obviously better than they were in the past. I wasn't taught enough sign language for me to use as a language. My friend's children were fluent at the age of 4 or 5 years old and I didn't have enough language at that age. 

Comparatively, children today have a better access to a language, a sign language, compared to my time.

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