School Signs By John Walker

The signs they created.

Lulu and school signs

Transcript for 'Lulu and school signs':

KB – Did the schools have its own signs? Did St Thomas and Ovingdean have special signs?

LF – Yes, we had our own signs at Ovingdean.

KB – Can you give me an example?

LF -  RUB-ON-SHOULDER (blump blump). That one means ‘I like you’.  TAP-TAP-TAP, which is similar. St Thomas had BEAK-OPEN, which meant ‘I don’t like you’.  Ovingdean had a silly sayings like when someone was asking where the toilet is, I might reply with DON’T-AAAAAASSK-ME (sign extended from the nose).  Or STUBBORN (extra ferocity) when we were annoyed. When we tried to wind someone up, we would sign OPEN 5-ON-CHIN. The House Mother was G-HANDSHAPE (side to side by shoulder).  

KB – What’s behind that one?

LF – Don’t know. Perhaps the House Mother was maternal and would waddle about with her hands in the air.  The same sign meant ‘mother’ too, the mother we have at home. 

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