In It Together By John Walker

When the children looked to each other for help.

Chris' thoughts on the benefits of oralism?

Transcript for 'Chris' thoughts on the benefits of oralism?':

JW - I am trying to understand the fact that you went to a 'non-Deaf' school, you went to a school for the partial hearing in fact, but you said you didn't achieve academically. What was the benefit of this type of education for you?

CW - The benefits for me was a greater awareness of the hearing world and being able to 'cope'. But the down side is ... we struggle more because of the lack of access [to the hearing world]. Because at that time, there were no captions on the TV, no minicoms to make telephone calls, no interpreters - the access in those days were non-existent. That is what I have noticed in comparison to other deaf people who went to other schools.

At times, we have compared the differences between different schools and the way we have been educated; it was very different. I was asked whether I could sign and I have said, "oh, definitely not." But when I was asked why, I had to go back to what I was told at school. "You can talk, make the most of it. What's the point of signing if you can talk?" That was the attitude in those days.

JW - None of the children in your school actually signed?

CW - It wasn't allowed ... well, they could sign but it was very hidden. If the teachers saw us signing ... which wasn't the BSL we know of, it was a school sign that we used and created amongst ourselves. If we had access to the Deaf world outside of the school, we would have brought it back to the school - we would have incorporate the 'proper' BSL into our signing. But we didn't because we had no access to the Deaf world. We lived in a segregated, hearing orientated environment.

JW - So what would happen if you were caught signing?

CW - Bed early? Well, it would have been a severe telling off. On occasion, children have been told to go to bed early. Or facing into a wall with your hands behind your back. It wasn't brutal, but they made the point, that we shouldn't be signing, "you can talk". That's how it was.

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