Teaching and Learning By John Walker

How the children were taught and whether they learnt?

Robert's favourite teacher and bird feeder

Chris, relaxed lessons

Transcript for 'Robert's favourite teacher and bird feeder':

PL - Do you have any memories of the teachers you admired and the teachers you loathed?

RC - Well, I'm not sure. Although, I did say I am not sure, perhaps the best is Mr. Sheppard. He was a new teacher who arrived sometime after I started in the school. He started teaching at HLS in 1983 and he also supported me through college - he was a great help in those days. He always had a good sense of humour.

Before him, there was another teacher I liked, who was Mr Merrifield, who had a beard and was a long standing teacher in our school - I liked his teaching and he was genuinely a nice man. He was better than Mr. Burges (spell?), who had a beard as well and was also a nice man; he taught the Arts. He used to teach us how to make bird feeders, I love the way he taught me. He was a nice person.

PL - You liked his class?

RC - Yes.

PL - Who made the bird feeder?

RC - It was Mr Burges who taught us to make the feeder.

PL - How was it made?

RC - It was made from roasted seeds and nuts, which were packed into a coconut shell. The shell was threaded with a piece of string and hung upside down, underneath a tree. The bird would hang onto the shell and peck away at the seeds underneath.

Transcript for 'Chris, relaxed lessons':

CW - The school had a similar routine everyday.

For me, I am not sure if it is much different to that of a hearing school. Everything was spoken or written.

We never did any homework.

JW - No homework at all?

CW - No, none.

A lot of the time, we would ask the teacher questions about a topic we wanted to have. But it distracted us from the purpose of the lesson. We would just end up talking to each other about some subject. When time was up, we were off - it didn't seem to matter if we covered certain topics or not. It was nice to have a conversation but it was not about the subject we were supposed to learn. But the whole period I was there, I don't remember receiving any homework at all.

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