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Lulu jumps in a different cab

Transcript for 'Lulu jumps in a different cab':

LF - When I was young, I was, sort of, not entirely happy with my parents way of life. I had a friend, who had deaf parents, and she invited me to come along and stay with her overnight. We arranged it between us and I must have been only seven years old at the time. I eagerly agreed to tag along with her. When the taxis arrived pick up the children to go home, for the day boarders ... my friend lived in Winchester, which was only half an hour from Basingstoke...

KB - Not far.

LF - Yes, not far. My friends beckoned me to follow her into her cab and just when I was about to climb in, the chaperone (not the taxi driver), and she was awful - winging and grumpy; she pulled my hand off the cab door handle and yanked it back. She said, "no, don't, come with me" and I threw a strop and refused - I wanted to go with her. It became a battle of wills between my stubbornness and the chaperone yanking me back.

The chaperone kept repeating, "your Mother, your Mother". I tried desperately to convincingly lie that my Mother had agreed to this already and the argument continued; until I gave in. I really wanted to go with my friend to meet her deaf family. I wanted to experience what it was like to live in a family where everyone was the same: all deaf.

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