St Thomas School for the Deaf, Basingstoke By John Walker

Memories from Lulu and Lisa

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Lulu at St Thomas

Transcript for 'Lulu at St Thomas':

KB - So, which dates were you are St Thomas?

LF - I started St Thomas in 1979. Just before I started at this school, I lived in Scotland when I was only a baby. My family moved to Hampshire and my first school was in a Partial Hearing Unit in a mainstream school. I didn't like this school because they were forcing me lipread with their mouths covered. I was disturbed by this experience and I remember not liking how I was treated.

I was then moved to St Thomas. I enjoyed the experience of moving into this school when I left the 'mixed' environment to a school for only profoundly deaf children. We all received more individual attention than when we were in a PHU.

I stayed at St Thomas for four years. For each year, I had a different teacher, all with their own ways of teaching and how they influenced me as a person and how we got on together. They all had their own idiosyncrasies.

I have very vague memories of my first school teacher. I remember lots of drawing and taking homework home.

The second teacher was a 'horrible' teacher. Of all the seven schools I have attended, they all taught using the oral method of education. St Thomas was an oral school. In my class, I had two friends and both of them had deaf members of their family. They could both sign fluently and I was drawn into their language and culture. I remember having a natural tendency to sign since my early years. I don't know how it came about but it was innate.

Somehow, when I was 3, 4 or 5 years old - when I was in Scotland - the love of using gesture emerged from me. I would sign with everyone, including my friends at school. During these years, my friends taught me the BSL grammar, different signs and fingerspelling - and I picked it all up. But it is bizarre that, in an oral school, it was here where I learnt to sign.

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