Did you get an interpreter for your appointment?

Photo:Did you get an interpreter to understand your doctor?

Did you get an interpreter to understand your doctor?

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By John Walker

A report written by John Walker, Convenor of Deaf Studies at University of Sussex, revealed that local professional interpreters are being pressured into new terms and conditions, which is having an adverse effect on their ability to provide a service. The respondents have clearly stated that they will not provide a service to agencies, who do not respect their terms and conditions.

In the early stages of various contracts, there are already reported incidents where no interpreter has been provided or an inappropriately qualified service was used.

It should be stressed that if no interpreter was provided or an inappropriate service was used, a complaint should be made to the interpreter agency or NHS commissioner. You can receive support to make your complaint by contacting Neal Communication Agency, Sussex Deaf Association or PALS.

In order to ensure transparency, a central database has been set up to record all incidents where interpreters have not appeared or inappropriate service was provided. This database is for Sussex appointments only. This database will be applicable to any incident occurring in the health sector, in Sussex. This will apply to different contracts held by different agencies.

This questionnaire can be completed by you, who the incident occur to, or by someone on your behalf. Also, the information you have revealed can not be traced back to you as no confidential information will be recorded. The questionnaire does record the date, time and location of the appointment which will allow NHS staff to check why no interpreter was provided.

If you wish to record your incident, please click 'start here':


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