Our Space meetings - events in 2013/14

Photo:The main hall

The main hall

Friends Meeting House

How to find the building? Enter from Ship Street.

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

By John Walker

A space to learn something new. A space to share your passions, questions and hopes. It is a space for Deaf people to share and explore; it is 'Our Space.

'Hearing people have space everywhere: the pubs, stadium, concerts, the high street, cafes, the council, parliament, the high street .... and even next door. Deaf people constantly try to squeeze in and create a space of their own.

'Our Space' has two rules:

1. A space to learn something new.

2. A space for Deaf people to share their passions, questions and hopes.

It is open to everyone who is willing to watch and learn, and take part.

Every month, we will have a different presenter with a different subject that concern or affect Deaf people.

It is held on the last Tuesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm. Buffet available from 6.30pm. Voice-over into English is offered to people who do not know British Sign Language.

The meeting is held at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton (see map). Free entry. The meeting will be held in the 'meeting room' (a larger room than last years).

If you are interested in offering a presentation - in whatever way - contact John Walker at j.d.walker@brighton.ac.uk. The past sessions can be found here.

24th September 2013, 7pm to 9pm

Jane Lodge, CCG, Public and Patient Engagement Manager

New interpreter contract - council wants you to have your say.

Jane Lodge is leading on the new contract for interpreter services but, before the tender goes out, she wants to check her plans with the Deaf community. This is your opportunity to hear what Jane has to say, find out about her plans for the new tender and shape it before it goes out. Come and have your say.

Robin Pickett,  The Fed

The Get Involved Project and Deaf Engagement - Working together to change health care services in city.

The Fed Centre for Independent Living has been funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group, the NHS body in the city, to gather information from disabled people and people with impairments about their experiences of health services in the city.  The Fed wants to work with all groups in the city to help get your views heard and improve health services for all.  This is a chance to share your experiences or urgent care services and help identify potential solutions.

29th October 2013, 7pm to 9pm 

Anna Barnes and Barbara Harris, Associate Director for Governance.

Accessing services at the hospital

Anna and Barbara has received concerns about the hospital's use of intercoms and they would like to check with the Our Space group about potential solutions.

Georgia Greening, University of Sussex student

Creating a new Deaf Awareness and Deaf Culture video

Georgia is a film and media student at University of Sussex and she would like to create a short film with one or two Deaf people. She is looking for volunteers for her short project. 

Penny Peace, Our Space member

Deaf sussex, news what? activities what? 

I would like to set up a Facebook page similar to Deaf Sussex Today and the key difference will be that, in addition to sharing deaf news, it will also be a diary of activities and events in Sussex. Ultimately, the aim is to encourage people out of social isolation and meet with likeminded through whatever they are interested in. This Facebook page is for you and you can vote on picking a new group name and discussion on various possible inclusions!

26th November 2013, 7pm to 9pm

Philip Wyatt, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP), and  Fiona Mitchell-Wu, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner trainee.

BSL Healthy Minds

BSL Healthy Minds is run by SignHealth and is made up of a team of qualified Deaf Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners. They work with Deaf people who may be experiencing depression and anxiety. The presentation will explain about mental health problems, the service and how Deaf people can access this service.

Keri Davis, Optometrist

Looking after your eyes

Are you taking care of your vision. As lip readers and sign language users, your eyes are most probably important to you. Keri, an Optometrist, will talk you through some of the issues about eyes and how you can look after them. Have you ever thought you might need to visit your Optometrist once a year - if you don't, come and find out why you should.

28th January 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Joseph H. Collins

Cut!, a history of, and my life in, Deaf Broadcasting in the UK.

A history of my working life in the media as a Deaf BSL-user including the development of Deaf TV programmes giving you a valuable insight into an un-told story. Featuring video clips from the last 50 years, this presentation will provide a history of Deaf TV in the UK.

There is an opportunity to purchase his book at the reduced price of £10 on the night.

Joseph H. Collins, SignVideo

Update on SignVideo

Joe is a SignVideo Agent and he will be sharing the latest news and developments.

25th February 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Marie and Sharon Dimond, Directors of CODA UK and Ireland

Awareness of CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults)

We aim to provide information, guidance and support to CODAs, of all ages, and the wider community. We hope to achieve greater awareness of CODAs needs, the issues they face and the work we do to reduce, and prevent, their impact.

Bridie Williams, Theatre Royal Brighton

Latest developments at the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal has launched a programme of subtitled and interpreted performances for the Spring season.

25th March 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Damian Brewer and Louise Gibson, The Fed

Consultation on mental health services as part of health care.

Brighton and Hove City Council and Clinical Commissioning Group have come together to create a Mental Wellbeing Strategy for the area. Brighton and Hove residents have HIGHER levels of mental ill-health than the average for England. The consultation is looking for feedback of your experiences of mental health services (GPs, NHS Counselling and other services).

29th April 2014, 7pm to 9pm 

Rasheed Rahman and Orla Flanagan, Brighton Festival

Launch of Brighton Festival video in BSL

The Brighton Festival video has been launched and is now available in BSL. It has been interpreted, on video, by Nadia Nadarajah. Orla and Rasheed will be available to answer any questions.

Open discussion

John will facilitate

Recently, there have been two cases where deaf people, when requesting for an interpreter in a health appointment, have been asked to pay £100 for a dentist appointment. The CCG contract for interpreter services in the health sector does not ask deaf patients to pay anything at all. John will present this problem to the Our Space group and seek the best way to stop local service providers from giving false information.

n.b. If you were expecting a presentation on alcohol and substance abuse, I am afraid the presenter is unable attend due to personal circumstances. We will reschedule the presentation another day.

27th May 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Sarah Playforth and Louise Gibson, DeafCOG


We will be demonstrating the DeafProSussex trader and consumer website. We will explain what it is and how deaf and hearing professionals/companies based in Sussex can register with the site to advertise their Deaf friendly services. We will also talk about the support and training packages on offer.

Open discussion.

John will facilitate

If you had a choice, which would you prefer: see a doctor with a care worker who can sign, see a doctor with a deaf bilingual advocate, see a doctor with an interpreter, or see a doctor who can sign/communicate clearly? Insofar, the Clinical Commissioning Group has a contract to provide interpreters for doctors and dentist appointments and SDA provides a care worker but do we want different services? A discussion to explore what we want and how we make the best choices about what we need.

Nb. Session on Morag and Roba's father and his career as a professional footballer has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

24th June 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Nigel Cleaver, Action Deafness

Red Dot Connect

Red Dot Connect is an innovative and exciting video online interpreting service enabling access to a fully qualified and NRCPD registered interpreters. In short, a Deaf person can arrive at Accident and Emergency and communicate via an interpreter at a touch of a button.

RDC is quick, reliable access to fully qualified and NRCPD registered interpreters, instant accessibility from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet; interpreters on demand in an emergency or short notice.

29th July 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Adam McHale, Deputy General Manager; Jade Weighhell, Senior Sales Advisor; Bridie Williams, Administrator from Theatre Royal Brighton

Autumn and Winter programme for 2014/15

An update on the Autumn season and about our upcoming theatre tours. We had our first tour in September, which we hope will be the first of many. This will be an opportunity to ask about upcoming shows, access performances and anything you would like to know about Theatre Royal Brighton.

Sue MacLaine and Nadia Nadarajah, Deaf Arts Club group

Deaf Arts Club - report

From September to March, Sue, Nadia and John trialled the idea of a Deaf Arts Club working with Theatre Royal, Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival. Sue, with Nadia, will be sharing the outcomes of her final report as well as future plans. 

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