Our Space meetings - events in 2012/13

Photo:Friends Meeting House on Ship Street, Brighton

Friends Meeting House on Ship Street, Brighton

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

By John Walker

A space to learn something new. A space to share your passions, questions and hopes. It is a space for Deaf people to share and explore; it is 'Our Space.

'Hearing people have space everywhere: the pubs, stadium, concerts, the high street, cafes, the council, parliament, the high street .... and even next door. Deaf people constantly try to squeeze in and create a space of their own.

'Our Space' has two rules:

1. A space to learn something new.

2. A space for Deaf people to share their passions, questions and hopes.

It is open to everyone who is willing to watch and learn, and take part.

Every month, we will have a different presenter with a different subject that concern or affect Deaf people.

It is held on the last Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 8pm. Buffet available from 5.30pm. Voice-over into English is offered to people who do not know British Sign Language.

The meeting is held at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton (see map). Free entry. The meeting will be held in the 'meeting room' (a larger room than last years).

If you are interested in offering a presentation - in whatever way - contact John Walker at j.walker@sussex.ac.uk. The past sessions can be found here.

25th September 2012; 6pm - 8pm

Caroline Lucas MP, John Walker, Sarah Playforth, Simon Hesselberg, Caroline Adams, Nadia Nadarajah, Lulu Friedli, and Katie Love.

Forces that add or take away from Deaf people's quality of life

More information can be found here.

30th October 2012; 6pm - 8pm

John Walker, University of Sussex

Review of Our Space meetings - what's next

We are now in our 4th year of Our Space and we have raised topics that are essential to all of use. In this session, it is an opportunity to take stock and ask what we want from Our Space.

27th November 2012; 6pm - 8pm 

Gavin Lilley, Sign Language Tutor and Deaf Translator-to-be

What is a Deaf Translator?

While many of us have used an interpreter who works between spoken English and BSL, Signature has a new qualification for a Deaf Translator; a person who works between written English and BSL. Gavin will describe what it takes to be a translator.

29th January 2013; 7pm - 9pm

James Clarke, A Deaf blind runner

100 Run Medals Challenge and the Olympic Torch

James will be sharing his ambitions and stories as a Deaf blind runner. He has also offered to bring is Olympic Torch with an opportunity to be photographed with one, a real one!

Facilitated discussion with Andy Porter, Commissioner for SPFT, and Nigel Cleaver, Action Deafness Communication.

With the new interpreter agency: how is it going?

Just before Christmas, Action Deafness Communication was put in place to provide interpreter services for this interim period until March 2013. As there is no local mechanism to provide feedback on their services, this is an opportunity to give feedback directly to the commissioner(s).

26th February 2013; 7pm - 9pm

Penny Pearce, Personal Fitness Trainer

Battle of the Bulge!

Penny will look at factors against exercise and healthy eating and how changing one's mindset can enable someone to explore exercise & healthy eating. This presentation will get the audience thinking about their attitude to health and fitness and how you can make changes to your lifestyle for the better; simple but fun ways to help you make a start.

Des Masterson, Money Adviser, RAD

RAD Deaf Law Centre

The RAD Deaf Law Centre p rovide legal services on various issues, such as benefits, debt, housing, employment; we make the law work for Deaf people. These services are funded by Legal Help: you can contact us via free webcam advice, which will lead you to no-cost provision like the money advice service. We do offer other legal and training services for which we charge a fee.  The presentation will explain all the services we provide and what you should do when and if legal issues arises.

26th March 2013; 7pm - 9pm

Allison Dean, Commissioning Manager for Planned Care, Brighton and Hove CCG.

Changes to audiology in Brighton and Hove city

There are changes afoot in audiology, which will effect how deaf and hard of hearing people will be supported with regards to their hearing aids. The restructuring of health services will see more such services becoming privatised. Allison will be available for questions on this services.

Penny Pearce, Personal Trainer and owner of Secret2Fitness

Battle of the Bulge, Part 2

Continuing with this engaging topic of how to apply healthy eating and exercise into our lives. Short recap of points covered last month followed by further facts on health and fitness with discussions on whether we have made any small changes to improve our healthy habits, since last month! Finally we will end the presentation with our own individual action plan plus an opportunity to arrange a private chat time with me.

30th April 2013; 7pm - 9pm

Robert Everingham and Ivan Polacek, Silent Spectrum

Direct Payments and New Technology

The developments in technology has rapidly grown over the last 5 years but we are still relying on 20th century technology to meet our needs. In other parts of the country, local councils have used direct payments to give Deaf people a choice of equipment at home - still now, many choose for us. Robert and Ivan will be introducing their Aviso system, which is a flashing light for the 21st century.

Orla Flanagan, Festival Producer, Brighton Festival

Introducing the Brighton Festival programme, May 2013

Introducing the Brighton Festival programme to the Deaf community and the approach guided by the guest director, Michael Rosen. Orla will go through some of the festival that may appeal to Deaf people and in turn seek to understand more about what style of work would appeal to the Deaf community. Also, to have a conversation about how best the Brighton Festival can best communicate with Deaf people interested in theatre and Arts (new or experienced).

28th May 2013

Stewart Bailey, BSL Link for Communication Ltd., and Arran Evans, Sussex Interpreting Services.

Future Provision of Interpreter Services

Stewart Bailey is the Director of BSL Link for Communication Ltd, a Deaf led agency providing interpreters and other language service professionals.  Arran Evans is the Director of SIS – Sussex Interpreting Services, a service providing an advocacy and spoken language interpreting services for minority communities.  Stewart and Arran will give some background on themselves, and their services, and discuss their aim to work together to provide a Sussex based, BSL interpreting service from 2014.

Wendy Horton and Saskia Harden, Audiology, RSCH

What do you want from audiology?

A couple of months ago, we had a presenter about changes in audiology, but these changes focussed on people aged 55+ and age related deafness; these services have moved to Specsavers. This means that audiology will now focus on services to deaf people, especially those from the Deaf community. This is your opportunity to influence their plans.

25th June 2013

Simon Hesselberg, Rexash Consultancy

Update on Personal Independence Payment 

DLA changed to PIP in April 2013; perhaps you are aware of the changes. Come along and receive an update on PIP and how it will affect you!

Nadia Nadarajah and Parveen Dunlin

First Deaf Congress of the Indian Ocean

Nadia and Parveen are originally from the Indian Ocean: Nadia has roots in Sri Lanka and Parveen's family is from India. We are using the trip to the first Deaf Congress of the Indian Ocean to understand our roots.

The congress is being organised by the Reunion Island Deaf Association and it is the first of its kind. They are aiming to forge links between the existing Deaf associations in the Indian Ocean area.  The main theme of the Congress is 'the Equality of Human and Civil Rights for the Deaf people of the Indian Ocean'.

We will be sharing our stories of the congress, our journey to discover our roots and the empowerment of Deaf  people in  the Indian Ocean.

30th July 2013

Open session

This session will focus on social and news. If anyone has news to share or ideas to raise - feel free to come and contribute.

There are no presentations at this session.

Have an idea of a presentation?

The Our Space meetings is a space that belongs to Deaf people. If you have an idea, a question, passions or interests - this is the space to come and share what you do. Because your enthusiasm, will inspire others to do the same.

If you have something to share, please contact John Walker at j.d.walker@brighton.ac.uk

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