Our Space meetings - events in 2011/12

Photo:Friends Meeting House in Brighton

Friends Meeting House in Brighton

Monthly meeting to celebrate Deaf lives

By John Walker

A space to learn something new. A space to share your passions, questions and hopes. It is a space for Deaf people to share and explore; it is 'Our Space.

'Hearing people have space everywhere: the pubs, stadium, concerts, the high street, cafes, the council, parliament, the high street .... and even next door. Deaf people constantly try to squeeze in and create a space of their own.

'Our Space' has two rules:

1. A space to learn something new.

2. A space for Deaf people to share their passions, questions and hopes.

It is open to everyone who is willing to watch and learn, and take part.

Every month, we will have a different presenter with a different subject that concern or affect Deaf people.

It is held on the last Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 8pm. Buffet available from 5.30pm. Voice-over into English is offered to people who do not know British Sign Language.

The meeting is held at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton (see map). Free entry. The meeting will be held in the 'meeting room' (a larger room than last years).

Here is a summary of the contributions to the Our Space meetings from September 2011 to July 2012

27th September 2011; 6pm - 8pm

John Walker, Convenor of Deaf Studies

Access to Work: the battle of ideas

In a recent meeting, AtW laid out the future for the grant but it has been influenced by the Office of Disability Issues and interpreter agencies, which is leading to a very different future. But is this what Deaf people want? 

18th October 2011 

Marco Nardi, Interpreter

9/11, 10 years later, are they ready for Deaf people?

In 9/11, the Twin Towers in New York were brought down by terrorists - many of the thousands of the people affected by this disaster were also deaf. Do you feel confident to make contact with emergency services? Are these services, really, ready for Deaf people and are Deaf people ready for 'it'?

This presentation is based on the EUD campaign for 112 across Europe.

29th November 2011 

Katie Love, Participation Officer, The Fed

What is the Fed?

Katie will be talking about what the Fed do, and find out what people would like to see from the Fed in the future. She is doing a project about Deaf involvement and looking at how Deaf people can have their say.

31st January 2012

Andrew Rees, Deaf Tennis

History of Deaf Tennis

Deaf Tennis has had a long and sustained history, which has resulted with a recent publication. Andrew will be sharing the highlights and announcing some interesting news.

Bibi Lacey-Davidson, sign language interpreter, ASLI

Feedback to the Department of Health on use of interpreters.

ASLI is leading on providing feedback to the Department of Health on the use of interpreters - they need your feedback. Bibi and Miranda will share a short film to explain what they want to achieve and then record your response on camera (very short response!).

28th February 2012

Dr. Anna Barnes, Associate Director - 3 Ts, Redevelopment of Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Deaf perspectives on redevelopment of RSCH

Dr. Barnes will outline the high level programme along with the designs which  have been agreed with B&HCC. I can also present the draft way finding strategy which incorporates an airport-style signage system and aims to improve on the current confusing labyrinthine system at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Robin Ash and Thomas Lichy, Community Development, British Deaf Association.

BDA's new vision and the 'fulfilling potential' consultation

British Deaf Association is launching a new strategy for the BSL Charter and is supporting the 'fullfilling potential' consultation launched by the Office on Disability Issues (ODI). They wish to share their new and receive your feedback.

27th March 2012

Mary Beth Kitzel, PhD student, Geographist

Searching the Signs in the Weald: The early modern origins of American Sign Language

This talk will present current research into the origins of American Sign Language and the first European-American Deaf communities, tracing the beginnings of these communities to the parishes of the Kentish Weald, the home of a genetically deaf group of families. Relying upon the concepts of representation, individual identity and group identity, I assert the existence of a Deaf group identity predating the labels used to describe it, critically maintaining that with few exceptions (Ladd 2003; Batterbury, Ladd & Gulliver 2007), current discourses are subject to a dialectically false binary between the notions of deaf and hearing. 

Cary Renaut, ex-pupil of Portley House School

Remembering Portley House School

Cary will be sharing her experiences of the school with some photographs and information from a local school reunion.

24th April 2012

Paul Redfern, volunteer in Swaizland, Africa

Deaf People in Swaziland, Africa

Paul will explain a bit about Swaziland itself and the High School for the Deaf, where he volunteered.  He will share what he has learnt about the Deaf community in Swaziland and discuss what he did while he was there.  He will welcome questions about life in Swaziland.

Roanna Simmons, Sport Development Office, Active Sussex

Sport Makers

Roanna will be sharing information about the Sport Makers programme, where local people are organising sports activities for their local community.

29th May 2012

Simon Hesselberg, Sarah Playforth and Rachel Lackie. Advisory group on access to museums.

Access to an exhibition: World Stories.

We have an exhibition, 'World Stories: Young Voices' and this is the first exhibition accessible in BSL, here in Brighton. Come and watch our talk !

Paul Neal, Director for Neal Communication Agency

A change of contract, or a change of heart?

This government's cut backs will affect the lives of many, including ours, and there is more to come.  In the national fight for quality interpreting services, the Deaf community is losing the battle with the Giants (spoken language agencies) moving in with their unsustainable pricing structures and terms, which many interpreters will not accept. Change is happening, but it is not for the better.

Paul will be explaining how the changes affect us, and what we can do to change the fight into a winning one.

26th June 2012

Simon Hesselberg and co, DeafCOG

Review of progress!

Deaf Community Outreach Group is a new 'community interest company'. Simon Hesselberg will be sharing plans that DeafCOG are developing. Come along to find out more.

31st July 2012

John Walker, The Hidden Histories project

Launch of a new on line Exhibition (soft launch).

Deaf Education changed in the 1970s. The Hidden Histories project has trained a small group of people to go out and record Deaf people's stories. With careful research, interesting facts about the 1970s will bring the stories alive. On 31st July, this exhibition will be launched for the first time.

Our Space meetings - September 2012 to July 2013

The Our Space meetings is a space that belongs to Deaf people. If you have an idea, a question, passions or interests - this is the space to come and share what you do. Because your enthusiasm, will inspire others to do the same.

If you have something to share, please contact John Walker at j.walker@sussex.ac.uk

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