3. Looking Back

In reflection, what do the children of the Seventies think of their time in education? Here, the narrators share their thoughts.

Page link: Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning
How the children were taught and whether they learnt?
Page link: Discipline
How children were punished in the Seventies and what they were punished for?
Page link: Being the Rebel
Being the Rebel
When the children stood up for themselves or tested the boundaries.
Page link: In It Together
In It Together
When the children looked to each other for help.
Page link: School Signs
School Signs
The signs they created.
Page link: Looking Back
Looking Back
In reflection, what the children thought of their education compared to where they are today.
Page link: Moving On
Moving On
Where the children are today?
Page link: How Our Education Affected Us?
How Our Education Affected Us?
The impact of their education on their lives today.