1. Understanding the Seventies

The 1970s was a period of change in education in general, but there were also changes in deaf education. This section reveals what they were.

Page link: A Brief Introduction
A Brief Introduction
This section will explore what happened before the 1970s and understand how deaf children were educated
Page link: History of Deaf Schools
History of Deaf Schools
This page explores how deaf children were educated before the 1970s, which is very different to how children are educated today.
Page link: Oralism and Hearing Aids
Oralism and Hearing Aids
How oralism was supported by the development of hearing aid technology.
Page link: The Three Schools
The Three Schools
This exhibition focusses on three schools: St Thomas in Basingstoke, Ovingdean Hall in Sussex and Hamilton Lodge in Brighton.
Page link: Reginald Phillips Research Unit
Reginald Phillips Research Unit
In Sussex University, there were interest in deaf education, which led to the Phillips Deaf Unit. This page explores how the unit was established.
Page link: Dr. William 'Bill' Watts
Dr. William 'Bill' Watts
The Assistant Director of the Reginald Phillips Research Unit
Page link: The Base of a Spiral (1972)
The Base of a Spiral (1972)
An 11 minute documentary produced by the research unit on innovative teaching practice.
Page link: A New Approach
A New Approach
The unit employed innovative approaches to deaf education.