Deaf Diaspora 2011: September 24th, 2011

This event is finished - please go to for future events.

Deaf Diaspora! event was held at Hamilton Lodge School on Walpole Road and is a cultural festival celebrating our pride in the Deaf and Sign Language community. It is part of a international celebration held on the same day as other countries in the world, where similar events took place, such as lobbies, events and festivals. This event is traditionally held on the last Saturday in September every year, and throughout the world. 

The event was made up of four zones, including:

  • Deaf Culture
  • Arts (performances, workshops, activities)
  • Food
  • Exhibitions

Deaf Diaspora aimed to welcome families and friends from the UK and worldwide.

There was also an evening entertainment (for over 18s) which took place on the Brighton Pier, the evening will included short Deaf film clips, sign poetry and Deaf DJ music. 

On this page, you will find the archived pages detailing the Deaf Diaspora event which took place in 2011.

Page link: The Theme
The Theme
Why Diaspora?
Page link: The Zones
The Zones
What's on?
Page link: Exhibitors and Sponsors
Exhibitors and Sponsors
Who helped us?