13th September 2013:

I haven't written much in this section for quite a while. Since the new exhibition was launched, Deaf Education in the Seventies, I have just continued to keep the website updated. Apart from that, I have noticed the exhibition was promoted at Gallaudet University, see here.

We have continued with the Our Space meeting, which has been exceedingly popular. The new web page for this season has been created and launched. Also, a new Deaf Theatre Club has been set up too for people who enjoy the theatre. Look at the front page, it is all there.

7th February 2012:

It has been a while since I posted something on here. I have been quietly managing the website over the past 4 months and allowing information to filter through. It seems people wish to use the site as a location to advertise their activities. The area is in desperate need of a news site to share information about local activities and since the closure of Deaf Sussex Info, we have had to provide this instead. We now have a dual purpose - provide information and record histories.

I am developing a linear exhibition space on this website for the Hidden Histories project, which will be available in June 2012. There may be some work on the site in the meantime but it should not effect the site users.

Some new pages will come alive during this time, so please keep an eye on the site.
At the beginning of this year, the site was starting to slow and it became difficult to load pages, the site has been moved to a new server and there should be a noticeable improvements in speed.

If you wish to load pages onto the site, just log in as a member and start building your pages. Or you can comment on existing pages to add extra information. Have fun!

11th October 2011:

It has been a long while since I updated these pages. The focus for the last few months have been on updating pages related to local community activities. In particular, Deaf pubs and festivals. The act of recording these activities creates archives for events that are taking place today and be recorded for years to come.

There are some interesting comments on the pages for the Sleight family, which are worth looking at. Some photos and personal accounts of the Deaf Diaspora event will be uploaded soon to commemorate the great event.

29th May 2011:

A new page created for the film called 'Experiencing Deafhood' (2011) as part of the Signall II project (led by Interesource Group (Ireland) Ltd). Quite a few of the interviewees live in Sussex.

13th April 2011:

A new category created in the topics area: the See Yourself project, which was led by Robert Kirkwood, an Occupational Therapy PhD student at University of Brighton. The category holds two new films: a film by deaf children in a mainstream school and a reflection on the upcoming closure of OHS from the student's perspective.

16th March 2011:

In agreement with Diana Neal from DST, the SDH website will continue to include local events and advertise them on the site. We do feel that the SDH website is primarily focussed on archiving history and not promoting present day events - but we will continue to advertise events until the DST website has been set up.

Please visit the facebook page for SDH website, the discussions there are helpful for our research (link on home page). You can place comments on the facebook page or place comments on the pages you want to discuss - your contribution is always helpful.

2nd March 2011:

The time line has been updated to include more detailed information. It is an amalgamation of events from the Our Space group, Geoffrey Eagling and feedback from the SDH Editorial Panel. We imagine that there may still be areas that require checking, so any feedback would be useful.

1st March 2011:

We have received information on the Brighton Festival and Fringe 2011, including events that take place alongside or outside of the three week event. A full list has been published on the site. 

24th February 2011:

New adverts posted on the site. One page on a student to completed her teacher training course. Our Space meetings updated. 

30th January 2011:

The website has been ported over the a faster server, it should load more smoothly.

18th January 2011:

It is really good that people are starting to use the guestbook to add their comments about the site. If you have any feedback on how the site could be improved and say what you like about it. It will help us to spur us on.

We are looking for people who would be interested in research different events (we have a list of them), if you have the time, do get in touch with me at This site is for all of us to contribute to and add pictures, videos, stories and memories to the site. Whatever you add, will be archived forever!

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